Tailored Wealth Creation Planning Strategy

  1. Timing
    Investors who take a long term view to developing a Wealth Creation Strategy have a much better potential for long term success and ability to minimise investment risk volatility. More importantly, each individual’s investor wealth creation and investment strategy is cyclical based upon a pragmatic assessment of their age, financial position, objectives and risk profile.
  2. External Direction
    The majority of investors are so focussed on developing their careers, running businesses and simply managing their daily family commitments that they are not able to adequately plan for their future. What is needed is a specialist partner that can provide ongoing guidance and direction.
  3. Ongoing Support And Service
    Once a Wealth Creation and Investment strategy has been developed it is essential that the Investor is provided with access to ongoing investment advice and administrative support. What distinguishes advisory firms, is their commitment year-round to their clients’ long term financial welfare.
  4. Regular reviews & reporting
    Successful long term investing and wealth creation requires regular reviews of investment performance to ensure all available investment opportunities are being assessed and evaluated. Sophisticated investment structures, such as Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF), or Asset (or Intellectual Property) Trusts require specialist expertise to ensure taxation implications and regulatory compliance obligations are being monitored and fulfilled.
  5. Tailored Wealth Creation Planning Strategy
    A successful Wealth Creation Strategy requires establishing a ‘tailored’ investment strategy based on your specific individual needs with clear understanding of your short, medium and long term financial goals and objectives, current financial position and investment risk profile. Investors should avoid a ‘template’ driven plan, but rather, should demand an holistic approach to their wealth creation- encompassing investment advice, asset protection, financial analysis and tax planning.
  6. Investment Compliance
    More sophisticated wealth creation strategies include the use of structures, such as an Asset (or Intellectual Property) Trusts or Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) for geared property investment. Investors, as a trustee, ultimately have the administrative (and legal)obligation to ensure an annual audit of the superfund, tax compliance, keeping of appropriate records and reporting on the fund's and Trust’s operation and investment strategy. Having the relevant taxation and accounting expertise on board is vital to meeting these obligations (on an ongoing basis).
  7. Impartial Investment Advice
    With ever increasing investment options, many investors are increasingly worried about receiving biased investment advice, a lack of advisor transparency and ongoing management costs. Receiving impartial, fee-based investment advice via an integrated Management, Planning and Investment Accounting Practice is highly recommended- for optimum investment success.
  8. A Complete understanding of the clients financial / taxation position

    Tax effective investment and wealth creation strategies can only be accomplished if the advisory firm takes an integrated planning approach .This requires a complete understanding of the client’s overall financial position - includingIncome (from all sources), current tax position, family trusts and other business structures.
  9. Investment Risk Profile
    All investors have differing attitudes towards investment risk based on their evolving individual circumstances and on changing investment objectives, career, family commitments, and their age and at what stage they are in the financial life cycle. It is critical that any investment strategy recommendation should reflect and adapt to the cyclical nature of changing circumstances and opportunities.
  10. Sound Asset Protection Strategies and Structures
    In an increasingly volatile economic and litigious business environment, it is imperative that investors develop risk management and asset protection strategies, through business best practice, insurances and appropriate trading and trust structures, to ensure that long term investment portfolios are safeguarded from potential creditors, bankruptcy or divorce and secured for future generations.
  11. A trusting advisor relationship
    A strong investor / advisor relationship is the key foundation in developing successful long term wealth creation strategies. It is essential that the investor has complete trust that any investment strategy recommendations are impartial, transparent and take a holistic investment approach.

The above is general information only and is intended as educational material. Mazzcorp Partners, nor its associated or related entitles, directors, officers or employees intend this material to be advice either actual or implied. You should not act on any of the above without first seeking specific advice taking into account your circumstances and objectives