Personal Superannuation Strategies and Services

Mazzcorp Partners is passionate about securing the (long term) financial futures of our clients and their dependents through Tax Effective Wealth Creation and Asset Protection Strategies. The majority of our clients are so focussed on developing their careers, running businesses and simply managing their day-to-day family commitments that they are not able to adequately plan for their future.

In today’s volatile economic climate Superannuation continues to be one of the most Tax Effective ways for individuals, such as salaried employees(via employer contributions), business owners and self-employed contractors, to build Wealth in a Tax effective manner.

Mazzcorp Partners recognises that Superannuation as a Wealth Creation Strategy can appear to be confusing for many individuals with so many Superannuation investment options and conflicting advice from Financial Advisors and Accountants.

Mazzcorp Partners, through its Strategic Advisor Partnerships, takes an integrated investment approach taking into account the client’s complete financial position (including Trust Structures and any Tax liabilities) goals and objectives, together with a comprehensive investment risk profile before advising on any Superannuation Strategy.

Our range of Personal Superannuation and Retirement Services includes;

  • Personal Taxation & Super Fund Tax Compliance
  • Wealth Creation & Asset Protection
  • Transition-to-Retirement and Pension (TRAP Strategies)
  • Superannuation Advice
  • Superannuation(Trusts)Compliance & Auditing
  • Estate Planning & Insurances

Mazzcorp Partners has been advising clients on Superannuation Planning Strategies, including Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF) for over 20 years. Over time we have gained valuable insights into the reasons behind successful retirement planning outcomes. We believe there are eleven (11) critical factors needed in developing a successful Superannuation Planning Strategy for a stress free retirement.

They are;

  • Timing
  • External Direction
  • Ongoing Support And Service
  • Regular Reviews& Reporting
  • Tailored Superannuation Planning Strategy
  • Compliance and Optimisation of Regulatory Changes
  • Impartial Investment Advice
  • A Complete understanding of the Clients Financial / Taxation Position
  • Investment Risk Profile
  • Sound Asset Protection Strategies and Structures
  • A happy and trusting Advisor relationship

(Read Mazzcorp Partners ‘The Eleven Pillars of Successful Wealth Creation’)

In each individual case, one of Mazzcorp Partners specialist Superannuation Taxation Managers can develop integrated Superannuation and Taxation Strategies with the appropriate Strategic Business Partner. Each Super Strategy is based on your evolving individual requirements with a clear understanding of your short, medium and long term financial goals and objectives, current financial position and investment risk profile.

As with any Wealth Creation or Tax Planning Strategy, every individual has a unique set of Superannuation Planning objectives and options.

Tax Effective Strategies for Superannuation can include;

  • Asset Purchase & Disposal (Shares & Property ) and CGT Implications
  • Investment in Industry and Retail Funds
  • Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF)
  • Salary sacrificing into Super schemes
  • Transferring Overseas Retirement benefits

In order to fully understand how our Superannuation and Retirement Planning Services and Strategies can benefit you, call Mazzcorp Partners to arrange an obligation free consultation to discuss your personal superannuation planning needs and requirements.