Management Accounting #1

A publicly-listed company required assistance with special projects in relation to non-core business operations. Their current external accounting providers did not have the appropriate resources to undertake these projects – in a timely and cost effective manner.

Mazzcorp Partners provided a flexible, fixed-cost consultancy arrangement which provided the organisation with an allocation of hours (over an extended period of time). The company was then able to utilise these hours (at a lower charge out rate to their current external accountants) on a do-and-charge basis, and could therefore engage Mazzcorp’s expertise and services, as required.

The flexibility of the service agreement allowed the client to adapt the projects and scope of work to the areas of most urgent need, provided valuable support to their in-house staff (where they were pressed for time or did not have sufficient human resources to undertake the project) and all at a fixed and known cost.

Management Services Provided;

  • Financial & Board Management reporting
  • Financial & Business Analysis
  • Auditing ( Internal)
  • Corporate Governance & Corporations Law

Mazzcorp Partners has a diverse range of Management Accounting clients in various industry sectors, varying in size from small ‘Start Up’ operations, through to mature, medium size businesses and high profile national organisations.

In order to fully understand how Management Accounting can deliver specialist business accounting expertise, insights and strategies for your organisation, call Mazzcorp Partners to arrange an obligation free consultation to discuss your specific Management Accounting needs.

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